Sunday Services

Here is what you can expect at Lifeway.  We don't focus on dress as much as we do the desire to encounter God. We also know people worship through a variety of music styles so our music is a blend of hymns and contemporary worship songs. We are blessed to have several generations who worship and serve here and several ethnic groups are represented in our congregation. We welcome everyone who desires to meet God and is looking for a church family that will accept them.

Sunday School - 9:00 AM

Currently not meeting

We offer Sunday School for all ages!  The adult classes consist of Kings Men (senior men), Joy Class (senior women) and Mixed Adult.  We spend time sharing, praying, and discussing God’s Word and how it relates to our lives.  The primary curriculum is the Bible supplemented by LifeWay teaching resources.

The children's classes are middle to high school, elementary and pre-K to 5 years old. The children learn moral principles and values straight from the Bible in a loving environment. The children come to know the love of Jesus Christ through verses from the Bible so that His Word is planted firmly in their hearts and minds and they grow in their faith and understanding of God.

Our Sunday School ministry is designed to help us grow in our relationship with the Lord and to strengthen our faith. It strives to teach biblical principles and godly living to all who attend at every age and stage of life.

Worship Service - 9:30 AM


Our worship service is a blend of treasured hymns and contemporary praise. The selections are geared to be in keeping with Pastor Frank's message which prepares the congregation to receive the Word.

Because we are living in a visualized and technology driven generation, you can expect Pastor Frank to use audio-visual equipment to aid his message.  His style is a blend of preaching and teaching punctuated by humor to sometimes lighten the seriousness of the topic discussed. Pastor Frank focuses on how to apply Christ’s teachings to our everyday life.  His preaching is clear, crisp, and contemporary.

The Lord’s Supper is observed on the first Sunday of every month and baptism is celebrated on occasion.

Worship KidStyle - 10:00 AM

Currently not meeting

Worship KidStyle brings Bible stories to life and the day's truth home in a way kids will understand. Through fun, attention grabbing life application and interactive music videos, Bible stories and crafts, the children learn God’s truth and how His Word relates to their lives!  This is open to children who are in grades K - 5.

Junior & High School Service- 10:00 AM

Currently not meeting


Our Junior and High School youth (grades 6-12) meet during our main worship service after the worship/music portion.  It's vital that they be in an environment where they can worship, learn and interact on their age level and chase after God with their peers. However, we also believe it's important for them to feel a part of the larger church family. So we encourage them to attend a Worship Service from time to time with their parents. We know it can be intimidating to be in a classroom among strangers so our goal is that each child will feel welcomed, engaged and connected.  Another way we keep them connected is on every 5th Sunday of the month, our Youth "takes over" the main service. They have a very important part the life of the church because the kingdom of God is not merely for adults but for all young and old alike.